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Dormie Workshop

We've collaborated on some extra limited-edition styles with Dormie Workshop. Using local materials and expert craftsmanship, the team from Dormie design and build high quality golf accessories. Made just for us, and handcrafted in Halifax, Nova Scotia from the best leather available – this head covers have pure written all over them. Literally.

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Hands sewing Pure golf accessories
Man standing in Dormie workshop
Man wearing a jacket, pants, and a cap, swinging a golf club
Box of golf balls
Bubba Whips logo

Bubba Whips

Envisioned by a few friends from Minnesota, Bubba Whips handcrafts golf alignment sticks from locally sourced hickory wood that has taken the golf world by storm. We joined forces on this exclusive collaboration bringing you a fully custom alignment stick option. Hand painted in a vintage color scheme these alignment sticks are the perfect tool to help your correct your set up.

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Bubba Whips cap
Alignment sticks leaning on shed
The art of golf booklet
Man carrying golf bag over his back
Gitman Vintage logo

Gitman Vintage

One of the last remaining American manufactures of button down dress shirts, Gitman is the real deal. Our recent collaboration with their team consists of all made in U.S.A. product featuring a few of our favorite golf themed embroidered logos.

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Gitman Bros shirts ganding in shop
Hooks for Gitman Bros shirts
Tag being sewn on a Gitman Bros shirt
Imperial Headwear logo

Imperial Headwear

We've collaborated on some extra limited-edition styles with Imperial Headwear, pioneers of the golf hat industry known for their expert craftsmanship and classic heritage. These vintage styles showcasing a few old school logos are purely classic.

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Imperial Headwear cap on grass
Imperial Headwear visors in a box
Imperial Headwear visors on a palm tree
Man wearing Imperial Headwear cap swinging golf club
Imperial Headwear cap on the back of a chair
Imperial Headwear cap sitting on the ground next to a camera